Candle Carousel Science Project

Candle Carousel is a cool device that rounds as a carousel. There are many sources of energy for rotation. We can use electric energy, manual effort, water energy or heat energy. Well today my friend we are making a easy spinning candle carousel. This science project is best for school students.

Carousel science project helps us to introduce many science terms such as convection, heat energy, rotation. It teaches us the phenomena of convection current. Spinning carousel science fair project is dedicate for 4th grade students. But is also suitable for 5th and 6th grades.



What is candle carousel science project ?

Candle carousel science project is a science experiment that teaches us concept of convection. It is also fun to watch and play. This science project increases interest towards science field.

As we light up candle our candle carousel starts to rotate in spiral motion. We can see this candle carousel mostly in the temples, monastery, and church.



Spinning candle carousel school science experiments helps us to answers many questions like :

  • How to make Candle carousel ?
  • What is convection ?
  • Convection heat transfer.
  • It can be science fair projects for 4th graders.



Materials Required To Make Candle Carousel Experiment :

This 5th grade science fair projects is made with house hold materials. We have made this science experiment in detail video format also. Some of materials needed for this convection experiment are :

  • Main source of power is candle. It supplies heat energy  for carousel.
  • Base is made out of circular cardboard.
  • A bamboo stick holds the rotating paper.
  • A color paper is taken. It rotates on bamboo stick.
  • A basic stationary supplies like protractor, pencil, scale,scissor, glue, compass are must needed, for this candle carousel experiment.
  • Some of other items are tape, color paper, hot melting glue,etc.



Candle Carousel Experiment :

After all materials are collected now its time to make this science experiment.

  • First of all take a circular cardboard. It is base for our carousel science project.
  • With radius of 4.5 cm cut a color paper. You can also use other types of paper like newspaper.
  • Now make a spiral marks using pencil.
  • Following this guide cut it with scissor.
  • At the ending point make a triangular fold from paper.
  • Take a bamboo stick and glue it at the middle of cardboard.
  • Place spiral paper we just made at the top of bamboo stick.
  • Finally as we light up the candle. Our candle carousel starts rotate.



Candle Carousel Experiment Video :

For better demo of preparation of this project, we have embedded our working process below in video format.

Here is full process of making this science project in video form. This is our YouTube channel DIY Projects. We also have crated many other school science projects in our channel. We also provide many science fair ideas for school students.


Candle Carousel Explanation :

We can get a lots of information from this Candle carousel science experiment.


Spinning candle carousel :

Spinning carousel is a easy science project which helps us to understand about convection. As we light up the the candle which is under the carousel. Candle supplies heat energy that heats air near candle. As air near candle starts to heat it starts to rise up and this eventually rotate spinning candle carousel.

Since air near candle rises up a vacant place is created. Now cold air replaces this vacant place. As a result a convection process implements.



Convection :

Convection is a process where hot air rises up and cold air comes in this vacant place. We have learn convection current process in our lesson. Convection takes place in both gas and liquid substance.


Convection current :

Due to convection heat transfer a contentious cycle is formed where hot fluid rises up and cold fluid replace this vacant place. This current is called convection current.

There are three ways of heat transfer conduction, convection and radiation.


Science fair projects for 4th grade :

This convection science experiment is very good science fair projects for 5th grade. We can also make some other science projects like Balloon Rocket Experiment, How to make boatAir Pressure Experiment, Walking Water Experiment, Seed Germination Experiment, Earth layer science project, etc.


Advantages of Spinning candle carousel :

There are lots of advantages of this Candle carousel science project. We have mention some of the merits :

  • This project helps us to learn about convection,convection heat transfer and convection current.
  • Convection experiment brings interest in study about science .
  • It can be great science fair ideas for 4th grade.


Safety tips while making candle carousel experiment :

Our first priority before doing any science project must always be safety. We always suggest you to perform any science project protecting yourself.

  • Always ware a safety glass that protects your eyes.
  • Carefully handle the appliance such as scissor and diy knife.
  • I suggest to do this science project with your parents, teachers or any elders.


Alternative process for making convection experiment :

candle carousel science project
candle carousel science project

There are a lot of science projects from which we can learn convection.

Convection current science experiment is a cool science project. It is also dedicated for convection process. Convection current demos a gas current passing form one hole and exits through another hole.

Pinwheel convection experiment is also another science project for convection phenomena. This is the experiment where a pin wheel is kept above burning candle. This pin wheel rotates due to hear transfer form candle.

Electric generation is a cool science project that perfectly fits for middle school .This science project helps us to learn about free energy. We can produce electricity by rotation a compact disk wheel.

Hydraulic Crane Science Project is a cool science project. It gives the concept of pressure and working model of crane.


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Q&A on Carousel Science Project :

1. How does candle carousel spins ?

As we light up candle. It heats the air which heats carousel. As a result it starts to spin.


2. What are the ways of energy transfer ?

Basically heat energy transfers from three process. Conduction , convection and radiation. In our science experiment heat is transferred via convection.


3. Where do convection currents occur ?

Convection current occurs in only two state of matter. One in gas and next in liquid. One good example is earths mantle where this process happens.


candle carousel
candle carousel



If you are searching any 4th grade science fair projects. I hope this experiment can be of great help. This  documentation can be best for your working model.

If you like this science project or has any queries about this project. You can simply comment us at our comment section.


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