2nd Grade Science Projects – Pin Wheel Experiment

2nd grade science projects

Pin wheel experiment is a well known school science project. This science project is is absolutely best for 2nd grade science projects. Form this pin wheel experiment we can get idea about convection process. Today we are learning how to make pinwheel experiment.

There are lots of science projects for 2nd grade science fair projects. Some of common projects are pin wheel rocket, balloon car,  balloon rocket experiment, and lot more.

You can find many school science experiments form our website. We have been making lots of projects for school students. If you are searching 2nd grade physics projects  then this Pin wheel science project can be good science fair projects. This science project gives us idea about convection process and Newton’s 3rd law of motion .

It science project best suits for school students from class 2 to class 5.


What is pinwheel science experiment ?

Pin Wheel Experiment
Pin Wheel Experiment

Pinwheel science experiment is a cool science project. This experiment helps to learn about convection phenomena. A paper pin wheel rotates round and round as candle is kept under pinwheel. When we remove this candle then pinwheel stops rotation.


Pinwheel science project helps us to answers many questions like :

  • How to make pinwheel science project ?
  • What is convection phenomena ?
  • Newton’s third law of motion.
  • It can be kids science fair projects.


This experiment is best way to learn about convection process. From this cool science project we can learn working mechanism pinwheel turbine too.


Materials Required To Make Pin Wheel Science Project :

This project is a simple kids science projects made with materials from our house. We have made this science experiment in detail video format also. Some of materials needed for this pinwheel experiment are :

  • We have taken circular red color paper having radius 9.5cm.
  • Make a circular marking at the radius of 1.5 cm.
  • Energy source of this kids science experiment is candle. We are using 4 candles.
  • A basic stationary supplies like protractor, pencil, scale,scissor, glue, compass are must needed for this science project.
  • Some of other items are plastic bottle cover, bamboo stick, straw,etc.



Pin Wheel Experiment School Project :

After all materials are collected now its time to make this science experiment.

  • First of all take a circular paper with radius 9.5cm. Using protractor index four points at 45 degree angle.
  • Divide this circular paper into 8 different pieces using scissor leaving 1.5cm.
  • Gently make these pieces into curve as in video.
  • For strong built glue 1.5 cm at middle of this pin wheel both side.
  • Our pin wheel is read to use.
  • Now let us make stand.  For this take a bottle cover and bamboo stick.
  • Glue them using hot melting glue.
  • Stick a piece of straw at the center of pinwheel.
  • After this put this pinwheel over the stand we have made.
  • Take four candles and light up them under pinwheel.
  • Finally, after few second it will starts to rotate.


Pin Wheel Experiment Video :

For better demo of preparation of this project, we have embedded our working process below in video format.

Here is full process of making this science project in video form. This is our YouTube channel DIY Projects. We also have crated many other school science projects in our channel. We also provide many science fair ideas for school students.

Pin Wheel Experiment :

There are lots of information we can learn from pin wheel experiment.

How does pin wheel spins ?

As we put the candle below pinwheel arrangement. Hot air rises form candle and strikes with blades of pinwheel. As result pinwheel starts to spin. This is due to convection process and Newton’s 3rd law of motion.

Pin Wheel Experiment :

Pin wheel is a cool science experiment that starts to rotate as we place burning candle below pin wheel.

Convection :

Convection is a process where hot air rises up and cold air comes in this vacant place. We have learn convection current process in our lesson.

Newton’s 3rd law of motion :

Newton’s Third Law of motion is one of the principal purposed by Sir Isaac Newton which states that ” For every action there is equal and opposite reaction. ”

As hot air form candle strikes to blades of pinwheel. Due to reaction it starts to spin.

Science fair projects for 2nd grade :

This is a cool kids science experiment that is best for students from grade 2 ,3 too 6. We can perform this experiment in our house or at classroom.


Advantages of Pin Wheel Science Project :

There are lots of advantages of this pinwheel science project. We have mention some of the merits :

  • Pinwheel science project increases interest in science study.
  • This project helps us to learn about Newton’s 3rd laws of motion and convection.
  • It can be great science fair ideas for kids.


Safety tips while making science project :

Our first priority before doing any science project must always be safety. We always suggest you to perform any science project protecting yourself.

  • Always ware a safety glass that protects your eyes.
  • Carefully handle the appliance such as scissor and diy knife.
  • I suggest to do this science project with your parents, teachers or any elders.
science fair projects for 2nd grade
science fair projects for 2nd grade

Alternative process for making pinwheel experiment :

There are a lot of science projects for 2nd grade. Pinwheel science project is easy to make and can be demo. Hover craft is another science project that is best for 2nd grade science project.

We can also make the pin wheel experiment. Which has same principal that is 3rd law of motion. This experiment is easy to make and helps to understand this law.

Homemade compass helps us to find direction. We can make this science project with common items. A simple bar magnet can be used as compass.



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Q&A on Pinwheel Experiment :

1. What is pinwheel experiment?

Pinwheel experiment is a cool science project where pinwheel starts to spin as candle is kept below  it.


2. Pinwheel science lesson ?

We can easily make this pinwheel form above instruction. This science lesson helps you make perfect pinwheel science project.



If you are searching any 2nd grade science fair projects. I hope this experiment can be of great help. This  documentation can be best for your working model.

If you like this science project or has any queries about this project. You can simply comment us at our comment section.

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