Science Experiments With Fire And Water

science experiments with fire and water

Water and fire are essential materials that is needed for human survival. There are a lot of ways to put out fire. Most common practice for turning off fire are putting water or using fire extinguisher. Fire extinguisher consist nitrogen or carbon dioxides. Well today we are making science experiments with fire and water.


We can do many science projects with water and fire. Some of cool water science projects are air pressure experiments with water, Color Layer density experiment, Walking Water Experiment, etc.


Science Experiments With Water And Fire ?

water science projects
water science projects

This is a cool science project for kids where we teach students how to put off fire. For this we are using eno which produce carbon dioxide when mixed with water. Carbon dioxide is use for turning off fire.


Eno water project helps us to answers many questions like :

  • How to make fire extinguisher at home?
  • Science experiment with water.
  • science fair projects for kids.



Materials Required To Water and Fire Science project :

Few items are need for making this cool science fair ides for kids. We have mention some in below list.

  • Two eno packs
  • Candle
  • Clear Glass
  • Match stick
  • Water


Water Science Project :

After all materials are collected now its time to do this science experiment.

  • First of all take two clear glass and pour water on it.
  • Put some eno in one of the glass. Let us label A for glass that contains water only. And B for glass that contains water and eno mixture.
  • With the help of match stick light up candle.
  • As we bring this candle near glass A. Then candle does not turn off.
  • And as we bring candle near glass B. Then candle turns off.
  • Finally our science experiment with water and fire is completed.


How to do science experiments with water ?

For better demo of preparation of this project, we have embedded our working process below in video format.

Here is full process of making this science project in video form. This is our YouTube channel DIY Projects. We also have crated many other school science projects in our channel. We also provide many science fair ideas for school students.


Water School Project Explanation :

We can get a lots of information from this school science experiment.

Case No 1:

When we bring the burning candle over glass A. That is glass with out eno mixture. Then candle don not turns off. This is because clear water do not produce carbon dioxide.

Case No 2:

When we bring burning candle over glass B then candle turns off. This happens because this glass produces carbon dioxide. We know that carbon dioxide is the fire extinguishing gas.

As we mix water and eno then it cause reaction that produces carbon dioxide as a product.This science project is one good way to produce carbon dioxide at home.


What is fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguisher is any thing that helps to put off fire. There are 5 types of fire extinguisher. The most common one is cylinder containing carbon dioxide or nitrogen.


Advantages of Water Science Experiments :

There are lots of advantages of this water science projects. We have mention some of the merits :

  • This project helps us to learn about fire extinguisher.
  • It helps us to understand about eno water reaction.
  • We can produce carbon dioxide at house.
  • This elementary science experiment brings interest in study about science .


Safety tips while making homemade science projects :

Our first priority before doing any science project must always be safety. We always suggest you to perform any science project protecting yourself.

  • Always ware a safety glass that protects your eyes.
  • Be careful while lighting candle.
  • Properly handle candle other wise it may burn.
  • We suggest to do this science project with your parents, teachers or any elders.


Alternative process for making this water science experiments :

science experiments with water for kids
science experiments with water for kids

There are a lot of science projects with water .

Hydraulic crane science project is a simple science project that helps to lift load. Here we are using syringe. We can learn about hydraulic system via this science project. It is easy and fun to make this science project.


Walking Water Experiment is a elementary school science projects. Here we take three glass containing different color water. A long sheet of toilet roll is taken and slowly deep inside clear glass. Then we can see color moving through toilet roll.


Air pressure experiments with water is another science experiment with water. This science project helps us to learn about pressure. When we apply pressure via air filled balloon from top of the plastic bottle. Then water inside balloon collects at clear glass.


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Questions and Answers :

What is inside a fire extinguisher ?

Most of the common fire extinguisher contains carbon dioxide and nitrogen.


fire extinguisher uses ?

The main uses of fire extinguisher is to turn off fire during emergency periods.


If you are searching any science projects with water and fir. I hope this experiment can be of great help. This  documentation can be best for your to make science fair board display.

If you like this science project or has any queries about this project. You can simply comment us at our comment section.


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