How To Make Car At Home

We can see a lot of models of toy car at market. There are varieties according to size, cost, construction mechanism, etc. But it would be great if we can make our own toy car. So let us learn how to make car at home.

Homemade car can be made in various ways. We can use simple materials like cardboard with dc motor and make a simple car easily.

Today we are making the a car video from where you can learn how to make car at home easy.

This homemade toy car can be best for students who studies in grade 5,6,7, and 8. This cool science experiment can be good source for understanding some science terms such as electricity, current, switch, dc motor, etc.It also may be your next science fair ideas.

how to make car at home easy
how to make car at home easy


How to make a simple car school project ?

With the help of some common materials that are found around our house. We can make a decent simple car model. And the great thing is we can demonstrate it as science projects.

We hope that this science project helps us to increase our interest in studding science. It also attracts students for making science projects.


How to make electric car at home easy helps us to answers some questions like :

  • How to make a car with a motor?
  • How to use dc motor?
  • science project car.


Materials required for making Dc motor car project :

This School science project is made using simple materials found around our house . Some of materials needed for making this car project for school are :

science project car
science project car
  • We have used 9 volt cell. Other batteries can also be used for making this car project.
  •  Since 9 volt battery is used, we also need battery connector.
  • A small switch is used for making on/off connection.
  • Dc motor is main component of our project. We have used 6-12 volt dc motor. You can use any type of dc motor.
  • For any car wheel is needed. We have used  coke bottle cap for wheel. You can use any type of wheel.
  • Straw is another important part of our dc motor car.
  • Metal wire is used for holding wheels. Sausage stick can also be used in place of metal.
  • Some of other basic materials are also needed such as,Popsicle stick,  hot melting glue, DIY knife, metal scale, cutting mat, jumping wire, soldering iron,  etc.


How To Make Car At Home :

After collecting all the materials needed, let us start our science project. Here we have provided step by step guide to make dc motor car.

  • First of all let us make wheel part of  our school project car. Take coca cola caps and make holes at the middle. soldering rod is used to make holes on the cap. A dremel tool can also be used for this purpose.
  • Take a metal rod pass it through coke cap and apply hot melting glue. Pass a straw through metal rod and glue anther cap at opposite end.

Our back wheel is ready. For testing simply hold on stray and try to rotate the wheel. If it rotates freely then our work is perfectly fine.

  • Take a dc motor having pulley. Glue this pulley with one coke cap as in video.
  • Glue a Popsicle stick at one side of 9 volt battery. And next end of Popsicle stick is glued with dc motor.
  • After this glue the back wheel to the middle part pf battery. This gives the shape of our car.
  • Now its time to add the wires to battery with dc motor. We also have used switch for better work flow.

Note : as our project is ready . There is necessary of grip at the wheel. For this purpose we have added rubber at the wheels.

  • Finally our school science project is ready for demo.


How To Make A Car With A Motor Video :

For better demo of this project, you can simply follow below video.

Here is full process of making dc motor car in video form. This is our YouTube channel DIY Projects. We also have crated many other school science projects in our channel. We also provide many science fair ideas for school students.


How To Make A Simple Car Explanation :

We can learn many things with the help of this cool school science experiment. Some of the important topics are noted bellow.

  • Science Project Car :

There are lots of science projects. We can make different project and display at school science fair. In all of them a homemade car can be one good idea. A simple dc motor car can be made and demo can be done.

  • Dc motor :

A dc motor is simply an electric device that either converts electric energy into mechanical energy or vice versa. When we apply electricity at two terminals of dc motor. Then it passed through magnetic field then a mechanical rotation occurs.

One of the main component of this diy car project is dc motor. There are different types of dc motor. You can get dc motor from electronic store. Or now a days it is easy just order form amazon or any online store.

It is always good to learn about dc motor. How does it works, Flow of current, etc.

In our case wheel starts to rotates . The rotation can be controlled forward or backward via connection of terminals . That is changing the polarity of electric supply.

  • Electric Circuit :

Electric circuit is simply a path where electrons flows.

As a student we have to study about electric circuit. Here we have used different electric components such as 9volt battery, switch, dc motor, jumping cable (wires), battery connector, etc.

  • Switch :

Switch is simply a electric device that either cuts or flows electricity at electric circuit.There are many types of switch. Some of them are single pole single throw switch(SPST),  single pole double throw switch (SPDT), double pole single throw switch (DPST) and double pole double throw switch (DPDT) .


Different types of homemade toy cars :

According to design we can make many types of car at home. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Dc motor Car:

We can make different models of toy car at home. In one of them is dc motor car. It can also be called as homemade electric car. Different types of dc motor such as 3 volt dc motor, 6 volt dc motor, 12 volt dc motor can be used for making electric toy car.

  • Cardboard Car :

Cardboard is another important source from which we can make a car. It is easy to cut cardboard’s according to design. We can easily cut cardboard into different shapes and assailable into different vehicles shapes such as racing car, jeep, simple car, truck, etc.

  • How to make a remote control car :

Remote control car ( RC car) are great toys for kids. Friends we can make our own rc motor car easily. With the help of RC car kit we can costume our own design and make cool blueprints. 

You can get those rc car kits from different electronic stores. Now a days there are lots of online stores such as amazon, eBay, alibaba, etc that sells this kinds of goods. And the best thing is they delivers to your door.

  • Matchbox car :

Now a days we can we make new model car that is powered via match sticks. We can simply burn a lot of matchsticks that moves the car. This is a cool to watch but i suggest you to make and try this car under your elders or parents. It is more dangerous in sense of safety purpose.

  • Rubber band powered car :

Rubber band powered car is another great car model for science projects. We can make a simple car that runs with energy  stored at rubber band. This type of car is very easy to make and helps to aid the concept of free energy.

We can also car free energy car to rubber band power car.


Advantages of Car science project :

There are lots of advantages of this car science experiment. We have mention some of the merits below :

how to make car at home with motor
how to make car at home with motor
  • This small motor car project can be good medium for learning about dc motor. We can get knowledge about working principles of dc motor, different types of dc motor, etc.
  • Science terms such as  electric circuit, dc motor, switch,cell, resistance, wire, etc are used for making this science project. Students can better understand these terms and its applications.
  • This type of science experiments always attracts students towards study of science and also helps to answer many questions.
  • This mini motor car helps to build concept of flow of electricity.
  • This do it yourself car ( “DIY car” ) can be great science fair ideas.
  • It also motivate us in science work shops.


Safety Tips while making small cardboard car :

Our first priority before doing any science project must always be safety. We always suggest you to perform any science project protecting yourself.

  • Always ware a safety glass while doing this project that protects your eyes.
  • Care fully handle the diy knife. If not it may cut your body parts.
  • Do this science project with your parents, teachers or any senior brother and sister.
  • Properly handle the soldering iron otherwise it may burn your body part.


Alternative process for making diy car :

We can make a lot of types of car at home. Some of the well known models of homemade car are mentions above which are cardboard car, rubber band powered car, Dc motor powered car, Electric powered car, match box powered car, Remote control car, etc.

You can make any model mentioned above and demo at your science fair.

how to make car at home
how to make car at home

Some of cool school science experiments :


How To Make Car At Home Report :

If you are searching for simple car report then this whole documentation can be best.

If you like this science project or has any queries about how to make a mini car at home. Which is one of the experiment related to physics. You can simply comment us at our comment section.

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