Science Experiments For Kids Friction With Rice

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Science Experiments For Kids Friction With Rice :

Science experiments for Kids friction with rice is one of best science experiment on physics stream. We can easily do this project anywhere in classroom or home . It also can be good idea for science fair if you are searching for one. This science experiment friction with rice will be perfect for 3rd and 4th grade students.

If you are searching for science experiment for class 3 or 4 then this project “Friction With Rice” can be simple and perfect project.This 4th grade science experiment is great to demonstrated and learn about friction.

Friction with rice experiment can also be known as rice in a bottle or sticky rice experiment. Now let us learn about friction with simple materials that are available in our house.

By this Friction with rice experiment we can be able to answers some of the questions like :

  • What is friction ?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of friction ?
simple science experiments
simple science experiments

Materials Required for this science project :

We can demonstrate this science experiments for Kids with common materials which are easily available around our house. Some of materials needed are as,

  • A plastic bottle.
  • A pencil box or pen.
  • Rice, about a kilogram, etc.


Process of Science Experiments For Kids Friction With Rice :

experiments for kids
experiments for kids
  • First of all take a clean plastic bottle or any other strong bottle.
  • Take rice about 1 kg.
  • I have used a piece of paper to put rice in plastic bottle until it is about to full.
  • Now it is time to deep a pencil in rice.
  • Now gently hit plastic bottle to floor on it base.
  • When we lift the pencil the whole bottle will be lifted.


Conclusion of this Science experiments for kids :

This kids science projects can be easily performed at classroom or home or at any science fair venue. Main reason of lifting of whole plastic bottle while lifting pencil is pen “Friction”. Friction can be define as, “The type of force that helps to stop a body while it is in motion. ”

Initially when we put a pencil in a plastic bottle and deep the pencil in rice and try to lift it then, it only lifts pencil. This is due to loosely packing of rice inside plastic bottle.

On the other hand when we just gently hit plastic bottle to floor on it base then, the the loosely packed rice will be tightly pack that is the reason. When we lift the bottle, the whole bottle will be lifted.

Friction is the reason we can walk. If there would be no friction then we cant even walk.

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This is the demonstration of science experiments for Kids friction with rice.

Advantages of Friction :

science experiments for kids
science experiments for kids

There are lots of advantages of friction. We have provided some of the merits of friction.

  • One of the main advantages of friction is we can walk. Our shoes or slipper has a friction with road and makes able to walk other wise we will fall down.
  • Friction also helps to move car on road.
  • With out a friction we can’t even write wit pen on our note book.


Disadvantages of Friction :

As there are lots of advantages of friction, there are also many disadvantages of friction. We have also provided some of the demerits of friction.

  • Friction is the main cause for ware and tear of our clothes, utensils ,etc.
  • Friction always cause heat that results the waste of energy.
  • Due to friction we have to apply more energy to do work. For example if we have to move an object in rough surface then, energy needed to move same object is less if we use lubricants.


Safety Tips for Science experiments for Kids :

Our first priority before doing any science project mus always be safety. We always suggest you to perform any science project protecting yourself. Some of the steps for this science experiment friction with rice are :

  • Always ware a safety glass which protects your eyes.
  • Do this science project with your parents, teachers or any senior brother and sister.


Alternative process for Friction with rice .

We can learn about frictional force with other experiments also. For similar result we can use pen, stick, pipe, etc in place of pencil. We can use other type of grains also in place of rice like maize, wheat, etc.

Some of new science project ideas :


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