Simple Science Experiments For Class 6 Lungs Model

Simple Science Experiments For Class 6

Simple Science Experiments For Class 6 Lungs Model :

Simple science experiments for class 6 Lungs model. Lung is very important organ of our body. We have to get knowledge about biography in our syllabus. Lungs are those part that is responsible for take in oxygen from environment and throws out carbon dioxide. Lungs helps us to breath.

If you are searching science experiments for class 6. This science experiment “Simple science experiments for class 6 Lungs model” may be awesome idea to select. By making working model of lungs .We can learn about our most important organ lungs. We also can explain the working mechanism of our lungs.

Lungs working model also may be great science fair ideas, if you are student from grade 6. Since this experiment can be done with simple materials available around our house. Like waste plastic bottle and balloon. It is also easy to make.

This science project working model of lungs helps us to answers some of the questions like :

  • How does our lungs work?
  • How to explain lungs mechanism ?
  • Use simple waste materials and recycle it.
Simple Science Experiments For Class 6
Simple Science Experiments For Class 6

Materials Required for Working Model of Lungs Model :

Working model of lungs can be made with some basic materials. We have used some of the waste materials and recycled. Some of materials needed are as :

  • One plastic bottle. I have used a waste coke bottle. Since it is clear it is easy to see all components inside the bottle. You can also use other type of bottle can be colored or simply transparent.
  • Three balloons. Two are of same size and other little bigger in size. It is better if we take colorful balloons.
  • A full sized straw .
  • Simple transparent tape,
  • Hot melting Glue ,
  • And lastly X-ACTO Knives.


Process of making Lungs Working Model for Class 6 :

  • First of all take a clean plastic bottle. In my case i am using a clear coca cola plastic bottle.
  • Cut the top part of plastic bottle about its neck.
  • Small hole is made on a cap of bottle exact to size of straw.
  • Straw is cut at an angle and glued where air can pass easily making triangular shape .
  • Attach two balloons at the end of this straw using some strings. And pass it to cap.
  • Now cut the lager balloon in middle and tie it to base of plastic bottle. I have used tape for this phenomena. Also tie the end of this balloon using straw.
  • Finally our lungs model is ready for demonstration.


If you want visual demonstration of making this school science project. You can follow below demo.

Here we have provided full process of making and demonstrate of science experiments for class 6. This is our YouTube channel DIY Projects. We also have created many other school science projects in our channel. We also provide many science fair ideas for school students.

Conclusion of Simple Science Experiments For Class 6 Lungs Model :

We know that lungs is important part of our body. It is always good to have knowledge about lungs. Main function of our lungs is to help in respiration.

What is respiration ?

In simple words  respiration is a process in which we release energy while breathing. That is taking in oxygen and letting out carbon dioxide. Some of the organs used while respiration are nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs.

The main part of respiratory system is lungs. Oxygen gas pass to our body through our nose. Then it passes to wind pipe and lungs through bronchus. In lungs there are already impure blood through heart. In lungs when this air (oxygen) react with blood and energy is released and carbon dioxide as a waste product.

Respiration rxn

Our lungs is of two parts left lungs and right lungs. I have used two balloon one yellow as left lungs. Next is green balloon as right lungs.

When lower balloon is pulled then it simulates the inhaling phenomena. As we pull base balloon inner balloon grows larger and larger. Similarly when we take air through our nose our lungs also grows larger. When we puss the base balloon then these two balloon grows smaller. Similarly as we ex-hail carbon dioxide gas our lungs also grows smaller.


Safety Tips While making Science experiments for class 6 :

Working Model of Lungs
Working Model of Lungs

Our first priority before doing any science project is always be safety. We always suggest you to perform any science project protecting yourself. Some of the steps for making working model of lungs are :

  • Always ware a safety glass which protects your eyes while dong projects.
  • Care fully use hot melting glue. If not it may burn your body parts.
  • Properly handle knife otherwise it my cut.
  • Do this science project with your parents, teachers or any senior brother and sister.

Alternative process for making rectilinear propagation of light :

We can demonstrate this science project working model of lungs in alternative way also. For this we can use a single balloon as a lungs . For this we do not have to do a lot of task.


Some of new science project ideas :


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