Escalator Model for School Project

Escalator Model

Now a days we see escalator in many places. It is always fun to use these moving stair. Escalator in different places like malls, train station, airports, etc. These moving stairs helps us to lift up and down without applying effort. Today my dear friend we are building Escalator school project.

Escalator science project helps us to learn about working model of escalator. This escalator model is best for 9th grade science projects. You can make this science project and demo in your next science fair projects.


What is Escalator Project?

Escalator model is simply a working model of escalator. This school science experiment helps us to learn about escalator.

” Escalator is a moving stair that are seen in busy place like shopping malls, factory,  airports, etc.”


Escalator school project helps us to answers many questions like :

  • How to make an escalator model ?
  • Working model of escalator.
  • science fair ideas for Physics.


Escalator Model for School Project
Escalator Model for School Project

Materials required for escalator model :

There are a lot of items we need to make this science project. We have listed some of the essential items.

  • Gear motor (Bo motor)
  • 9 volt battery or DC Adapter
  • Cardboard
  • Rubber tube
  • Color paper
  • Toilet Roll
  • Scissor
  • Hot melting glue


How to make Escalator School Project?

After all materials are collected now its time to make this school science project:

  • First of all take a cardboard and cut it into four equal circles as a size of toilet roll.
  • Glue this circular cardboard with toilet roll.
  • Using metal wire pass it through toilet roll an make two cylinder shapes as in video.
  • Take four different cardboard supports and glue it at the base.
  • Now fix this two cylinder on corresponding supports.
  • Cut a rubber tube as the size of support. And glue Popsicle stick as step.
  • Now glue one end of gear motor at metal wire of smaller cylinder.
  • Finally our Escalator school project is ready for demo as we connect battery.


Escalator School Project :

For better demo of preparation of this project, we have embedded our working process below in video format.

Here is full process of making this science project in video form. This is our YouTube channel DIY Projects. We also have crated many other school science projects in our channel. We also provide many science fair ideas for school students.


Escalator Project Explanation :

Escalator model is a cool science project you can make for your upcoming science fair. It is difficult to climb high buildings by our foot. For solving this problem there are lot of machines. Some of them are lift, escalator, etc. Escalator are used for short height like two to three stores.

Power source of  our escalator model is BO motor or gear motor. Normal motor has high RPM where as gear motor has lower RPM.


Types of Escalator  :

Normally there are three types of escalator. Parallel, multi parallel, and crisscross as design.

Parallel escalator :

Parallel escalator are the most common escalator and simplest one. In this type of escalator, One escalator is moving up ward and next is moving down ward in parallel.

Multi Parallel escalator :

Multi parallel escalator is similar to parallel escalator. Only difference is multiple escalator are moving upward and down ward at time.

Crisscross escalator :

Crisscross escalator is another type of in which two escalator  move in opposite direction in one time.



Advantages of Escalator :

Science fair ideas escalator model
Science fair ideas escalator model

There are many advantages of  Escalator model. They are :

  1. Escalator helps to lift large number of people at once.
  2. We should not wait long time for our turn in this machine.
  3. People must not apply any effort while moving upward.
  4. Due to modern design it is safe and silent in nature.



Disadvantages of Escalator :

There are few disadvantages of escalator. They are :

  1. There is always chance of accident.
  2. As escalator are easy and we should not apply any effort. It makes us lazy.



Advantages of Working model Escalator :

There are many advantages of this science project. Some of them are listed below.

  • This science project helps student to learn about working model of escalator.
  • It inspires school students for making science projects.
  • Escalator science project can be good science fair ideas for 9th grade.


Safety tips while making Escalator project :

Our first priority before doing any science project must always be safety. We always suggest you to perform any science project protecting yourself.

  • Always ware a safety glass that protects your eyes.
  • Properly handle diy knife and scissor.
  • We suggest to do this science project with your parents, teachers or any elders.


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Escalator project
Escalator project

Questions and Answers:

  • Who invented escalator ?

Jesse Wilford Reno invented first escalator design during 1892.

  • How does escalator works ?

An escalator is a moving lift. Normally a motor is used which rotates the whole stairs using belt.


If you are searching any science project for class 9. I hope this experiment can be of great help. This  documentation can be best for your working model of escalator.

If you like this science project or has any queries about this project. You can simply comment us at our comment section.


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