Hydraulic Crane Science Project

Hydraulic Crane Science Project

Hydraulic crane model is a great topic for science fair projects. Today we are learning how to make hydraulic crane. This hydraulic science experiment is easy to built and can be done in no time.

Working model of hydraulic crane helps us to understand about hydraulics technology. With some common materials that are found around in our house like cardboard, wire and syringe. We can make this cool science project.

This science project model is best for 8th grade science projects. But can also suitable for students who are in grade 6 and 7 class. This easy science experiment can be good source for learning some science terms such as hydraulic crane, pressure, fluid, hydraulic system, Pascal’s law, etc.


What is hydraulic crane?

Hydraulic crane is a heavy duty machine that is basically used for lifting and loading heavy loads. We can see these machines near ship ports and railways stations.

Hydraulic is a word formed via combination of two words hydro + aulos . Hydro means water and aulos means pipe.

Our fluid science project helps us to answers some questions like :

  • What is hydraulic crane ?
  • How to make hydraulic crane with syringe?
  • Applications of hydraulic system.
  • Working model of hydraulic crane.



Materials required for making hydraulic crane model:

Some common materials are uses for making this cool science project.You have to simply collect these components before doing this project.

  • Main component for making hydraulic system is syringe. We need two 20ml syringe. You can also use any syringe as your availability.
  • Wooden blocks are another important materials. We need two short wooden block and one long wooden stick.
  • Nut and bolt is used as a fulcrum.
  • We have used a plywood as a base of our project. You can also use a cardboard for this purpose.
  • Connecting pipe is another essential component for this project.
  • Some of other basic materials we need are marker, cutting mat, hot melting glue, cutter, bamboo sticks, scissor, etc.

Note( A connector is need for attaching syringe and pipe. This connector normally comes with medical pipe)


How to make Hydraulic Crane Model :

After collecting all the materials needed, let us start our science project. Here we have provided step by step guide to make hydraulic crane with syringe.

  • First of all drill a hole at the opposite ends of wooden blocks. This hole is according to radius of bolt.
  • Now nut and bolt is used for connecting two short wooden block and one long wooden stick. Arrangement is so done that long wooden block can easily rotated.
  • These two short wooden block are glued using hot melting glue. We can also use other types of glues as we have.
  • After this it is time to make a load box. This box is then attached to the opposite end of long wooden stick.
  • One 20ml syringe is glued at the middle long wooden stick. It’s front side is facing at the bottom of wooden blocks. And pressing side is glued to long wooden block.
  • We are using a rubber connector for connecting a medical pipe and 2oml syringe attached with wooden block. Another 20 ml syringe is attached at opposite end of pipe.
  • Finally, hydraulic crane science project is ready for demo.


DIY hydraulic crane working model video :

For better demo of this project, you can simply follow below video.

Here is full process of making hydraulic crane science fair project in video form. This is our YouTube channel DIY Projects. We also have created many other school science projects in our channel. We also provide many science fair ideas for school students.


Hydraulic crane with syringe :

We can learn many things with the help of this science experiment about magnet. Some of the important topics are noted bellow.

  • Pascal’s law :

Pascal’s law can be stated as “when we apply pressure on the fluid inside a closed container. This force is transmitted to liquid and wall of container.”

  • Pressure :

Pressure can be defined as “The ration of force applied perpendicularly per unit area.” Unit of pressures is pascal. There are many types of pressure some of them are absolute pressure, gauge pressure,atmospherics pressure, etc. Pressure can be calculated using formula P=F/A.


  • Applications of hydraulic system :

There are lots of applications of hydraulics system. Normally there is use of fluid in a enclosed cylinder in this type of system. Force is applied from one end that cylinder which is then transmitted to different forms of energy.

Some of applications of hydraulic system are hydraulic lift, hydraulic door, hydraulic breaks, hydraulic jacks, etc.


Working model of hydraulic system :

A hydraulic system consists a cylinder that contains some kind of liquid (fluid).  When we apply force one the one end then according to Pascal’s law this force results pressure to wall of cylinder. In our case water is under pressure that flows towards another fluid. This cause the move of another syringe. As a result load is lifted.


Advantages of hydraulic Crane :

There are lots of advantages of hydraulic crane science project. We have mention some of the merits below :

  • Hydraulic crane helps to increase the speed of work. We can do a lot of work is no time using this equipment. Hence as a result our work completes faster.
  • This machine helps us to make our work easier. We can easily lift heavy loads using less effort.
  • Initially there used to be necessary of many peoples. After using this hydraulic system lots of work is done using few crew members.
  • Since working crew are decreased, this proportionally decrease the cost of work. Which is good for companies.


Safety tips for hydraulic crane science fair project :

Our first priority before doing any science project is safety. Anyone must protecting him self or her self is prerequisite.

  • Always ware a safety glass while making science projects, that protects your eyes.
  • Care fully handle the diy knife. It may cut your hand.
  • Carry out this science project in presence of your parents, teachers or any senior brother and sister.
how to make hydraulic crane
how to make hydraulic crane


Alternative process for hydraulic crane :

Some of the other science project ideas related to this project are are hydraulic lift, hydraulic door, hydraulic breaks, hydraulic bridge, etc.

You can make any school science experiment mentioned above and demo as your science fair projects.

Some of cool science project using dc motor :


Hydraulic Crane Project Report :

If you are searching any 8th grade science fair projects. I hope this experiment can be of great help. This  documentation can be best for your working model.

If you like this science project or has any queries about this project. You can simply comment us at our comment section.

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