School Science Projects Hydraulic Lift Model

hydraulic lift project

School Science Projects Hydraulic Lift Model :

Hydraulic lift is the term that often used around us. It is used at different vehicles, crane, elevator, etc.  We can also see this lift at different sites such as construction sites, shipping sites, mining sites and lot more. There are lots of advantages of using hydraulic lift.

As there are lots of uses and application it is best to learn about this device. How good it would be if we can make one model and learn about it.

So, my friend today we are making this hydraulic lift model and demonstrate. This school science project can be best for grade 6 and grade 7 students.You can use this science experiment for understanding working model of lift. It can also be amazing science fair ideas.


What is Hydraulic Lift ?

” Hydraulic lift is a machine that is used to lift a load with application of force on a liquid medium with in a piston. “

We can see a lot of examples of hydraulic lift around us. It is vastly used in factories and machinery.If we want to learn about this device then it can be best done via making working model. We can learn about many science terms via this school science projects such as pressure, force, piston ,etc.

If you are searching some science fair ideas for school students. This physics project can be great topics. Hydraulic lift model experiment is best suitable for school students from class 6,7 and 8 grades.

Working model of Hydraulic Lift  helps us to answers many questions like :

  • How does Hydraulic lift works ?
  • What is Hydraulic lift ?
  • Principle of hydraulic lift.
  • Science fair ideas.
  • What are uses and advantages of hydraulic lift ?

This science experiment is best way to learn about working principles of hydraulic lift. Now let us make our science project.

School Science Projects Hydraulic Lift Model

Materials Required for Hydraulic Lift Model :

We have made this cool science project using simple materials found around our house. Some of materials needed for making lift experiment are :

  • Cardboard is a main component of lift project. We have to cut cardboard at different measurements for proper design. For frame structure we can also use ply wood or a plexiglass. Some of the measurements are,
  1.  Four cardboard with length 15cm and breadth of 5.5cm.
  2.  Three cardboard with length of 10cm and breadth of 7.5 cm.
  3.  One cardboard with 7cm length and breadth of 5cm.
  4.  And lastly two cardboard having trapezoid shape of length 6.5cm and breadth of 4.5cm.
  • Main component needed for this project is syringe. We have used two different 10ml syringes. You can also use different size syringe such as 15ml or 20ml as availability. You can get syringe from pharmaceutical shop (medical store).
  • With syringe we also need a tube and connector for this project . These materials can be purchased from same medical shop.
  • We need a ink. We have used a red colored ink for coloring water.
  • For better and perfect work we need a dropper.
  • A small toy is need for acting as a load. We have used a small toy dog for this purpose. You can also use different toys such as small car.
  • Some of other basic materials are also needed such as hot melting glue, diy knife, metal scale, etc.


How To Make Hydraulic Lift Model :

As we have collected all the materials, it’s let us start our science project. Here we have provided step by step guide to make hydraulic lift.

  • First of all cut all the the cardboard as above measurements. For this we have used a diy mat, a metal scale and X-ACTO knife. I suggest you to handle this device properly other wise it may cut our body part.
  • After the cardboard is ready we have glued color paper.
  • Now its time to glue this cardboard. Note ( We have to make a small hole on the base part. We have to pass a tube.)
  • A syringe is fixed vertically so that when we press syringe from other end load is lifted.
  • Tube is fixed at the end of syringe using connector. Similarly another syringe is fixed at the other end.
  • At last we have to glue the top rectangular cardboard where we put load.
  • A red color ink is used as a liquid material.
  • Finally our school science project is ready for demo.


Working Model of Hydraulic Lift Video :

For better demo of this project, you can simply follow below video.

Here is full process of making this school science project hydraulic lift model in video form. This is our YouTube channel DIY Projects. We also have crated many other school science projects in our channel. We also provide many science fair ideas for school students.

Hydraulic Lift Model Explanation :

We can learn many things via this science experiment. Some of the important topics are noted bellow.

  • Principle of hydraulic lift :

This project is based on famous law known as Pascal’s law. Pascal’s law can be stated that when we apply pressure on the fluid inside a closed container. This force is transmitted to liquid and wall of container.

  • Pressure

Pressure can be defined as “The ration of force applied perpendicularly per unit area.” Unit of pressures is pascal. There are many types of pressure some of them are absolute pressure, gauge pressure,atmospherics pressure, etc.

  • Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system is a system where a liquid fluid is main component. Some of the examples of hydraulic system are vehicles break, hydraulic jack, Hydraulic shock absorbers, etc.


Advantages of Hydraulic Lift Project :

There are lots of advantages of this cool science experiment. We have mention some of the merits below :

  • Hydraulic Lift Model

    By doing this science project we can get good knowledge about the working of hydraulic system.

  • Some of the terms such as force, pressure, hydraulic, Pascal’s law, etc can be better understand via this project.
  • This type of science experiments always attracts students towards study of science and also helps to answer many questions.
  • We can also get good knowledge about the concept behind Hydraulic lift.
  • Hydraulic lift helps to make our work easier and faster. Can also lift heavy load with small force.
  • This system is easy to use. And its mechanical advantage is high.
  • This science project can be great science fair ideas.
  • It also motivate us in science work shops.

Safety tips while making hydraulic lift science project :

Our first priority before doing any science project must always be safety. We always suggest you to perform any science project protecting yourself.

  • Always ware a safety glass while doing this science project which protects your eyes.
  • Care fully handle the diy knife. If not it may break and cut your body.
  • Do this science project with your parents, teachers or any senior brother and sister.
  • Separate the niddle of syringe initially. Other wise it may prick your body part.

Alternative process for making hydraulic lift :

We can make a lot of science experiments that properly explains hydraulic system. One of good experiment is one we have shown above.

If you are searching some other science project that explains principle of hydraulics. Then you can demo the project known as hydraulic Scissor Lift.

Hydraulic scissor lift is a easy science project that also  helps to learn about hydraulic system. Here a scissor mechanism is used for lifting the load. There are also many other ideas related to hydraulic system.


Some of cool school science experiments :


If you like this science project or has any queries about how to make hydraulic lift. Which is one of the experiment related to physics. You can simply comment us at our comment section.

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