How To Make Newton’s Cradle from Cardboard

conservation of momentum Working model

How To Make Newton’s Cradle from Cardboard :

How To Make Newton’s Cradle from Cardboard . There are lots of devices that has helped science to explain itself. We all know the famous scientist Sir Isaac Newton who has invented this machine. Today we are making this incredible device Newton’s Cradle from cardboard.  This science project can be great science fair ideas for middle school students.

What is Newton’s Cradle ?

In simple term’s Newton’s Cradle is a device that helps to prove  theory ” conservation of momentum and energy “.

Working model of Newton’s Cradle can be great science fair idea. If you are student from grade 6 to 10. This working model of Newton’s Cradle can be easily create with simple materials available around our house like marbles.

This science project Newton’s Cradle working model can help us to answers some of the questions like :

  • What is Newton’s Cradle ?
  • How does Newton’s Cradle works?
  • How to make Newton’s Cradle at home ?
  • Science fair ideas.
newtons cradle video
newtons cradle video

Materials Required for Making Newton’s Cradle :

newton's cradle experiment
newton’s cradle experiment

Working model of Newton’s Cradle can be made with some house hold items. We have used some of the waste materials and recycled it. Some of materials needed for making Make Newton’s Cradle are :

  • Base cardboard having length and breadth of 26 * 16 cm.
  • 4 cardboard having length and breadth of 20 * 14 cm for either side.
  • 6 cardboard having length and breadth of 8 * 2 cm.
  • 6 equal size marbles or any same sphere can do the work.
  • Hot melting Glue and general glue.
  • String or any kind of thread will work.
  • And lastly X-ACTO Knives.


Process of making Newton’s Cradle from cardboard :

  • First of all base is prepared using cardboard having length of 26 cm and breadth of 16 cm.
  • Four cardboard are prepare for each side. For this we have take this cardboard and cut leaving 2 cm on each side using x-acto knife. The result is as a photo frame. For proper steady we have stick two cardboard’s.
  • By sticking 8*2 cm cardboard on next side cube like structure is made.
  • Now pick a hole on each side of cardboard. Where we pass string and hanging on both side.
  • At the middle of string marble is glued.
  • Same process is repeated for every marbles suspended at same level.
  • Finally our working model of Newton’s Cradle is ready for demonstration.


If you want visual demonstration of making this school science project. You can follow below demo.

Here we have provided full process of making and demonstrate of science experiments for class 6 to 10. This is our YouTube channel DIY Projects. We also have created many other school science projects in our channel. We also provide many science fair ideas for school students.

Conclusion of Science project Newton’s Cradle :

Newton’s Cradle is one of good example for proving conservation of momentum and energy. From this device we can understand about kinetic energy and potential energy. We also get knowledge about conservation of momentum too. Students can start to learn terms as momentum. This can be good introduction for vast science field.


Application Of Newton’s Cradle :

Newton’s Cradle has many applications. Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Newton’s Cradle helps us to learn about conservation of momentum and energy .
  2. Home made Newton’s Cradle encourage use to make new science devices and increase our habit to do more science experiments.

Safety Tips While Making Newton’s Cradle :

how to make newtons cradle
how to make newtons cradle

Our first priority before doing any science project is always be safety. We always suggest you to perform any science project protecting yourself. Some of the steps while making working model of Newton’s Cradle are :

  • Always ware a safety glass which protects your eyes while dong projects.
  • Care fully use hot melting glue. If not it may burn your body parts.
  • Properly handle knife otherwise it my cut.
  • Do this science project with your parents, teachers or any senior brother and sister.

Alternative process for making Newton’s Cradle working model :

There are lots of way’s to make working model of Newton’s Cradle. We can easily make this device using Popsicle sticks.

newton's cradle for school project
newton’s cradle for school project

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