3 Awesome Fifth Grade Science Projects

Fifth Grade Science Projects

As a school students you have to read a lot of topics in science subject. Science is a cool subject that is better understand vial science experiments. Well today we are learning how to make 3 awesome fifth grade science projects. These class 5 science projects are air pressure experiment, magnetic car and hydraulic crane.

This Science projects for 5th grade focuses physics. With some common items found around our house you can make these experiments and learn much more.

These 5th grade science projects are good source for understanding science terms like pressure, magnet, properties of magnet, Atmospheric pressure, force, etc.


3 Awesome Fifth Grade Science Projects :

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1. Air Pressure Experiment With Balloon :

air pressure experiments with water
air pressure experiments with water

With simple materials like balloon and plastic bottle we can make this cool science project. This 5th grade science experiment helps us to learn about pressure. You can make this project easily at your house or class room.

Air pressure is defined as “Air pressure is simply weight exerted by a atmosphere towards earth’s surface.” Air pressure is measured by barometer. Unit of air pressure is PSI.

You can learn how to make Air pressure experiment from our webpage.

Pressure can be defined as “The ration of force applied perpendicularly per unit area.” Unit of pressures is pascal. Pressure can be calculated using formula P=F/A.

Advantages of Air Pressure Experiments :

  • This project helps to get knowledge about the air pressure and atmospheric pressure.
  • Some of the science terms such as potential energy, stress, atmospheric pressure.
  • Air pressure also helps us to recycle plastic bottles.

Some of other science experiments related to air pressure are hovercraft, Boat school project and water dispenser.


2. Hydraulic Crane Science Fair Project :

how to make hydraulic crane
how to make hydraulic crane

Hydraulic Crane is another cool science projects for class 5. You can do this science fair project with common items such as syringe, plywood and wooden blocks. With the help of this project we can learn about working mechanism of hydraulic crane.

” Hydraulic crane is simply a heavy duty machine that is basically used for lifting and loading heavy loads.” This machine is mostly seen near sea ports and train stations for loading heavy loads.

You can learn how to make Hydraulic Crane Science fair Project from our webpage.

Main concept behind this project is Pascal’s law that can be stated as “when we apply pressure on the fluid inside a closed container. This force is transmitted to liquid and wall of container.”


Working of Hydraulic Crane :

Hydraulic crane use of fluid as main component. It is enclosed in a cylinder system. Force is applied from one end that cylinder which is then transmitted to different forms of energy.


Advantages of Hydraulic Crane Science Project :

  • This project helps to get knowledge about working model of hydraulic crane.
  • We can learn about some of the science terms such as hydraulic crane, pressure, fluid, hydraulic system, Pascal’s law, etc.
  • Hydraulic crane helps to increase the speed of work.

Some of applications of hydraulic system are hydraulic lift, hydraulic door, hydraulic breaks, hydraulic jacks, etc.


3. Magnetic Car Science Fair Project :

Simple magnetic car
Simple magnetic car

Magnetic Car is a simple toy car that is powered via magnetic energy. With the concept of magnetic property .” Like pole of bar magnet (“south pole and south pole” or “north pole and north pole”) re pail with each other.” We can make this cool science project.

This magnetic car science projects for grade 4 and 5.

A magnet is simply a body that attracts magnetic materials like cobalt, nickel, iron ,etc.

You can learn how to make Magnetic car science project from our webpage.

Properties of magnet :

Here are five different properties of magnet that we must know as an middle school student.

  • Magnet always attracts the magnetic substance like iron , nickel, cobalt, etc.
  • Like pole of bar magnet (“south pole and south pole” or “north pole and north pole”) re-pail with each other.
  • Opposite poles of a bar magnet (“south pole and north pole” or “north pole and south pole”) attract with each other.
  •  A freely suspended bar magnet always shows north and south pole. This is the law which we are proving via our science project.
  • When we measure the attracting force on a bar magnet then attracting capacity at the poles is always greater then in middle parts.


Advantages of Magnetic car Science Project :

  • This project helps to get knowledge about magnet.
  • Magnetic car project helps us to use and application of magnet.
  • It helps us to learn properties of magnet.
  • Hydraulic crane helps to increase the speed of work.

Some of science projects with magnet are homemade compass DC motor, Flying rocket science project, etc.


Safety tips for 5th grade science fair projects :

Our first priority before doing any science project is safety. Anyone must protecting him self or her self is prerequisite.

  • Always ware a safety glass while making science projects, that protects your eyes.
  • Care fully handle the soldering rod.
  • Properly handle the hot melting glue, otherwise it may burn your body part.
  • Carry out this science project in presence of your parents, teachers or any seniors.


Questions and Answers Fifth Grade Science Projects :

What are different fifth grade science projects ideas ?

There are lots of science projects for class 5. Some of science project ideas are seed germination, Rising water experiment, 3D Solar system model, etc.


Some of cool science project ideas :

If you are searching 5th grade science projects. I hope this experiment can be of great help. This is documentation that can be best for your work flow and learn different projects for class 5.

If you like this science project or has any queries about this project. You can simply comment us at our comment section.

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