School Science Projects Water Dispenser

Home Made Water Dispenser

School Science Projects Water Dispenser :

School science projects water dispenser is a great science experiment. Some time water dispenser can be essential things for pouring water in a bottle or a vessel. Water dispenser is a device that normally help to dispense water. Here we are making water dispenser from cardboard.

If you are searching some science fair ideas for school students then this project can also be nice topics. We can demo water dispenser easily in classroom or fair or at home. School science projects water dispenser my be suitable for middle school students from (6 to 8).

Water dispenser from cardboard helps us to answers some of the questions like :

  • How to make water dispenser from cardboard ?
  • How does water dispenser work ?
  • School Science fair ideas.
  • Plastic bottle recycling ideas.


Water dispenser can be made with many things. We can get many ready made water dispenser at market. It also can be made easily at home. We have made via cardboard . We can learn core principle behind water dispenser.

How To make Water Dispenser From Cardboard
How To make Water Dispenser From Cardboard

Materials Required to make Water Dispenser :

School Science Projects Water Dispenser
School Science Projects Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser can be made easily using home made materials. It can be made with simple things. Some of materials needed for making water dispenser are :

  • Take three cardboard’s having length of 15 cm and breadth of 13cm. Its breadth side must be curve having 16cm at middle.
  • Take three cardboard’s having length  10cm and breadth of 6cm.Also take two cardboard of length 9cm and breadth 6cm.
  • Cover cardboard is made of 60cm long and breadth of 20cm.
  • Waste plastic bottle. We have used clear white plastic bottle. You can also use other types of plastic bottle.
  • 1 liter clear water.
  • Water color . We have used a red ink as a source of color.
  • A clear water glass.
  • Origami paper. Color paper can also be used.
  • Hot melting glue, straw , Sharp knife, metal scale, etc.


Process of making Water Dispenser from Cardboard :

  • First of all make a cube shape using 10*6cm cardboard’s and 9*6cm cardboard’s.
  • Stick this base on a one of the cardboard having one side curve.
  • Glue the cover cardboard along with base cardboard.
  • Second cardboard is glued over the base cardboard. The aim behind this is lifting the bottle.
  • Now make a small on the front side of cover cardboard through which a straw can easily pass.
  • Make a hole as size of plastic bottle base on top cardboard. For this you can take guide of compass.
  • A small hole is done on a plastic bottle as a size of straw.
  • With the help of hot melting glue we have glued straw on a plastic bottle hole. This straw is pass on the cover cardboard wheel.
  • Top cardboard is now glued following the back part of cover cardboard.
  • Finally our water dispenser is ready to use.

For better demo of preparation of this project we have embedded our working process below.

Here is full process of making this school science projects water dispenser in video form. This is our YouTube channel DIY Projects. We also have crated many other school science projects in our channel. We also provide many science fair ideas for school students.

Conclusion of School Science Projects Water Dispenser :

Water dispenser is a useful device that we can easily make at our house. In Water dispenser the main concept is pressure and gravity. Normally earth gravity value is 9.807 m/s². Which means that earth is pulling any thing with force of 9.807 m/s².

Similarly hear also when we open the cap of bottle water flows through straw and when we close it’s lid water stops to flow. When we open the lid of bottle then air starts to press the water and water flows via straw. And when we close the lid of water then this pressure is absent as a result water stops to flow.


Advantages of this Home made Water dispenser :

There are lots of advantages of this Water dispenser. We have mention some of the merits of Water dispenser.

  • Water dispensary can be great to store water.
  • It is easy to add filter in the water dispensary.
  • There will be no wastage of water as it do not leaks or flows when lid is closed.

Safety Tips while making Water dispensary :

Home Made Water Dispenser
Home Made Water Dispenser

Our first priority before doing any science project mus always be safety. We always suggest you to perform any science project protecting yourself.

  • Always ware a safety glass which protects your eyes.
  • Care fully use hot melting glue. If not it may burn your hands.
  • Properly handle knife otherwise it my cut.
  • Do this science project with your parents, teachers or any senior brother and sister.

Alternative process for making Water dispensary :

We can similarly make water dispenser at home. For next model i would suggest you to add some fan too. So that it works as cooler and also add a motor through which we should no have to add water time and again. When there is motor it will automatically fills water in one switch.


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